Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tea Time Birthday

My sweetheart's little girl turns 8 soon. She is into "tea parties" and her father lovingly goes along with this past time. As a birthday gift, I am making some tea sandwiches (egg salad, chicken salad), scones and mini quiches, perhaps a few mini tarts. I also made a couple of tiny tea themed crafts.

These tiny tea lights are made from printed scrapbook paper and some embellishments. The tea lights I chose come in a tin holder. Obviously, you would not leave one of these burning unattended. They were quite simple and easy to do.

Measure your tea light. I cut a strip 1.5 inches wide and scored .5 inches from the top edge and folded this down, so that the "inside of the cup" is printed. Rolled and glued around the tea light. The "saucer" is a 2.5 inch circle. I cut a ring from chip board about .25 inches thick and 2.25 inches in diameter and used this to emboss the rim of the saucer for a bit more dimension.
The handle is a 1 inch wide strip, folded in thirds and glued to create a slightly wider than .25 inches. Adhered first inside the cup, curled and adhered to the bottom, then trimmed. Adhere the tea cup to the center of your saucer.

I bit of velvet ribbon bands the cup. I made a simple ribbon bow, a paper flower with a half pearl center. The chipboard crown is from an old scrapbook embellishment. You could use a sticker or charm or just leave it as is. You could use a slip of paper as a place card as well. Each teacup used just a 6 x 8 inch piece of paper, so you could make many of these for a luncheon!

I found tiny flat wooden coffee stirrers and with some very tiny stamps, put "happy birthday" and a tiny daisy flower to decorate the tops of the stirrers. There will just be 4 of us for tea, so stamping a half dozen stirrers was not a daunting task.

For her gift, I am making a felted tea cozy that "folds" over the teapot. I also made a simple banner with her name on it - later a decoration for her room. I found some cute "faux" crystals to hang.

This teacup was made from a bit of cardboard tubing, some chipboard for handle and saucer. Just a larger version of the tea light tea cups and filled with tissue and hard toffees.

I encourage everyone during Winter's bleak days to brighten them with a spot of tea!

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